Hi All,

Progress continues with Metro Startup Launcher. We’re building a huge grass-roots support system for MSL, and the response has been fantastic. Obviously, everyone wants more capital to flow into our startup community!

Now we need a big favor from everyone:

  1. Click on this link: https://wefunder.com/metrostartuplauncher.
  2. Scroll down past the photo of the extremely handsome and cool “Moderator.” 😉
  3. Find the little button that says “Apply to Join.”
  4. Fill out the short little form and JOIN!

Here’s how it works. With our WeFunder Club, we create a source of crowd-funded capital for our startup community with investments as small as $100. However, here’s the even more exciting thing. We can crowd-source the decision-making process to determine which startups get listed on MSL to raise capital.

Think about it. This is beautiful. We don’t need a committee of “experts” who will decide which companies get funded. We don’t run this thing like a VC fund. We allow lots of normal people to look at a startup and decide if it makes sense or not. If the crowd agrees, we list a company, and we help them get their early startup funding.

To make this work, we need your help. If you feel like you would like to vote on which companies get funded, please sign up as a Member. You’ll get to vote on which companies get funded, and, if you wish, you can invest any amount you like, down to $100. There’s no obligation.

If you don’t want to vote, you also can sign up as a Backer at the top of the page. Backers have the opportunity to support MSL by jumping on to investments that the Members voted to support.

So get this vision in your head. There’s 1.3 million people in the Louisville Metro area. Imagine having hundreds of thousands of them signed up as members, crowd-sourcing the decision process and crowd-funding the startups. Imagine hundreds of startups getting started each year as a result. Imagine a few of these startups producing HUGE returns for investors.

This is the way of the future. Louisville can make a name for ourselves with this kind of crowdfunding. The whole community can support startups. When the word gets out, more startup entrepreneurs will come to Louisville to get in on the action. When investors make huge returns, everyone wins!

Please sign up now and invite any friends you think would provide good input and would like to participate!

Thank you!