What a week we had recently for local entrepreneurs! I hope you had a chance to attend some of the Kentucky Startup events. With Endeavor’s International Selection Panel and Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Tour making Louisville its only return city to date, we have a lot to be proud of.

So how do we keep up the momentum? We’re collectively doing a lot of great things, but let’s see if we can crank it up a notch!

At Metro Startup Launcher, we’re working on a better way to increase the amount of available capital for local startup companies, spread the risk much more effectively, and help all of our local angel investors make more money (statistically, an AVERAGE of 27% annually).

How do we do that? Well, to start we’ve stumbled into some funding that will help make a huge difference in our area:

1. We’ve partnered with a group that is creating multiple $500,000 mini-funds that we can access for very early startup capital.

2. The same group also is creating two $100 million funds that will be available for follow-up capital.

3. Finally, we’re tying in crowdfunding to allow a lot more local investors to get involved in the whole process.

The investment strategy we’re using is based on what we’ve learned over the last couple years of researching multiple studies of successful angel investors throughout the United States. (If you sign up below, we’ll send you a short eBook that summarizes the studies.)

We’re calling this the 1000x Club, and the idea is pretty simple:

1. Build a huge list of potential angel investors in the Louisville area, adding lots of people who currently are not angel investors.

2. Use local pitch groups, angel groups, accelerators, and individuals to screen and recommend startups and/or companies that are further along in the process.

3. Work with our partner funds to provide capital for local companies.

4. Allow lots of local angel investors to piggy-back on the fund investments using the new equity crowdfunding mechanisms that were promoted by Steve Case and made legal under the JOBS Act, allowing smaller investments from any investor (accredited or non-accredited).

5. Encourage more local investors to invest small amounts ($100 to $5,000) in 10 to 12 startups every year.

6. Help a higher volume of startups raise their first $25,000 to $100,000 and get started.

7. Get enough people involved that we can quickly raise $1 million (1000 x $1,000) for any local startup that has proven itself.

Why is this important?

1. We need to keep companies here. Rubicon Global is a great Louisville startup success story, but they moved to Atlanta for a $1 million investment. Now it’s a $1 billion valuation company. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had stayed in Louisville?

2. Lots of startups need a small amount of funding to get started. These days, $25,000 can be enough capital for an online business to at least prove an interest in their concept. The more of these we produce, the more we can build the next Rubicon or Airbnb right here in Louisville.

3. Statistically, investors who invest in 12 or more companies in 5 years AVERAGE a 27% annual return! Wouldn’t it be nice to invest small amounts in a way that statistically produces great results, spreads the risk out to a lot more people, AND helps produce great companies and jobs in our area?

So, I’m asking for your help in one or more of these ways:

1. Become a potential 1000x Club “micro-investor.”

2. Help to screen and review startups for the club (in exchange for equity).

3. Help to get the word out to your friends to join the 1000x Club.

All you have to do to join is sign up below, and I’ll send you more information as we progress.

Thank you!

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ges2016/27866935085

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