Two Louisville crowdfunding projects are rolling right along, and here’s the latest on how you can invest:

Cuddle Clones

The Cuddle Clones® story began when Founder Jennifer Williams was lying down with her best pal in the world, her Great Dane Rufus. Jennifer thought to herself, “It would be great to have a stuffed animal of Rufus! Not a generic stuffed animal, but one that was 100% custom made to look just like him.” Several years later, after Rufus passed away, Jennifer decided that she would finally pursue the idea she had never quite let go of and, in doing so, honor Rufus’s memory. It was on this day in 2009 that Cuddle Clones was born.

Today, Cuddle Clones not only offers a unique, quality product to pet lovers everywhere but also gives back to the pet community whenever and wherever possible through pet-related causes and charities. A portion of the proceeds from each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes to help animals get the care and love they deserve. Cuddle Clones also offers a wide variety of custom pet products beyond stuffed animals and aims to become a place for pet lovers to indulge in their affection for and celebration of their pets. By making soft, adorable, customized stuffed animal versions of people’s pets, Cuddle Clones seeks to capture the bond between people and their pets.

♦ More than 30,000 Cuddle Clones sold since inception

♦ More than $7 million in revenue since inception

♦ 275,000+ social media followers and 100,000+ email subscribers

♦ Offers a 100% product guarantee

ANYONE, accredited investors or non-accredited investors, can invest as little as $100.

There are only 11 days left to invest in Cuddle Clones, so you better hurry!


After 20 years of building national environmental consulting firms, the founders of Blue222 observed a clear and consistent problem: the marketplace of independent real estate consultants in the United States is very inefficient. It’s difficult to find, engage, and manage these consultants when and where you need them. It’s also difficult to determine the quality and capabilities of the consultants. With the examples of companies like Uber and Airbnb, we quickly realized how to solve these issues.

Blue222 is an Internet-based platform that allows banks, developers, purchasers, engineering firms, and others involved in real estate transactions to obtain multiple bids from pre-qualified consultants, quickly and efficiently. Our services include all types real estate due diligence, such as environmental inspections, appraisals, asbestos surveys, building inspections, and lead surveys in a U.S. marketplace of $40 billion and many times that internationally.

♦ THE global app for real estate inspections.

♦ Users already cover the entire U.S.

♦ Team with 20+ years industry experience.

♦ $40 billion industry in the U.S. alone.

♦ Extremely automated and scalable.

Blue222 currently is accepting only accredited investors via Regulation D 506c offering (min. investment $3,000).

Our last round was oversubscribed and has closed.

You can join the waiting list now for our next round.