From the very first Metro Startup Launcher investor meeting, Lisa Britton has been an active participant.  She understands that more startups in our community will produce more jobs and more wealth.  She also wants to help by being an active “micro-angel investor” and believes that many others in our metro area want to help too.

Lisa had some questions about micro-investing, and we decided that her questions would be good for everyone to hear.  So, we recorded the Q&A.  Listen to this episode of the Metro Startup Launcher podcast as we answer these questions and more:

Is the Metro Startup Launcher website for entrepreneurs or investors?

Do Metro Startup Launcher’s micro-investors have to be accredited investors?

Why will Metro Startup Launcher help more startups get started?

Does Metro Startup Launcher actually collect investment dollars?

Who actually collects the money for investments?

Are Metro Startup Launcher startups restricted to the Louisville area?

Are Metro Startup Launcher investors restricted to the Louisville area?

How will this keep the best companies from moving away from Louisville?

Will Metro Startup Launcher provide advice for investors?

What is a SAFE investment agreement?

How do you sign up for WeFunder?

What kind of companies are we going to fund?

How will this help the Louisville area?