MetroStart has 3 goals:

1. Make it easier for the best startups to raise capital.

2. Make it easier to invest in fast growth startups.

3. Increase jobs and wealth with more startups.

“One test I like to take when I give advice to people about investing is what would I tell my mom or two brothers to do. In this case, I would tell my mom and two brothers to put 1-5% of their savings into angel investing because, heck, it’s probably the only and best shot they will get at having a break-out financial event in their lives. So, if one of my brothers said ‘I’ve got $100,000 saved up, what should I do?’ I would say ‘put $95,000 into an aggressive portfolio at Wealthfront and $5,000 into 20 angel investments syndicated by a world-class angel investor.'” – Jason Calacanis (early investor in Uber, Thumbtack, and many other companies)

Want to learn how the AVERAGE angel investor in the U.S. makes a 27% annual return on their investments?

Why will this skyrocket our startups, jobs, and wealth?


Startups average 3 million new jobs per year nationally.

The Rise of the Rest is happening in the Midwest!

Existing companies produce NET ZERO new jobs each year.

Angel investors average 27% annual return on investment!

With changes in SEC law, anyone can now invest in startups.

Investors + Startups =
Jobs & Wealth!