“Without startups, there would be no net job growth in the U.S. Economy.”
“Startups create an average of 3 million new jobs annually.”
– Kauffman Foundation


Startups + Investors = Jobs

The Survey of Consumer Finances 2013 by the Federal Reserve Board shows that 10.1% of households qualify as accredited investors. The Louisville MSA has 553,850 households as of July 1, 2015.

Approximately 56,000 households in the Louisville MSA should qualify as accredited investors.

If you include all of Kentucky and Indiana, that number grows to 422,000!

Plus, with the new Regulation CF crowdfunding rules, anyone can invest in startups.  We have 1.3 million people in the Louisville metro area!


MetroStart is a Louisville/Southern Indiana non-profit organization with a simple mission:

1.  Increase the number of local investors in startups.
2.  Provide an easier way for startups to raise capital.
3.  Connect startups with investors to help startups actually start up!

MetroStart is accomplishing these goals by partnering with local universities, law firms, wealth management firms, marketing/advertising firms, real estate firms, angel investment groups, and other organizations to build a grass-roots, social media campaign to find accredited investors and encourage them to invest in startups.

MetroStart also is working with local universities to train entrepreneurs to create private placements, properly file with the SEC, and raise capital legally and effectively.