In previous blogs, podcasts, and videos, we laid out lots of facts as to why startup companies produce jobs and wealth.  The main points:

< Startup companies produce an average of 3 million jobs per year.

< Existing companies produce NET ZERO new jobs per year.

< Angel investors average 27% annual return on startup investing in the U.S.

< A small percentage of the investments produce most of the returns.

< The higher the number of startups, the higher the collective return on investment.

So, I won’t get into a lot more detail in this blog, but the bottom line is:

< We need more startups to get started.

< We need more investors to invest in startups.

< We need to help the best startups raise capital in Louisville so they don’t leave Louisville.

< More startups = more jobs = more wealth

To accomplish this, I’m asking you for one thing: 2 minutes of your time once every week or two.

After spending time building Metro Startup Launcher, holding meetings with entrepreneurs, holding meetings with investors, and meeting with lots of the area’s startup community leaders, we’ve come to a conclusion:

Metro Startup Launcher has to focus on one thing and one thing only: building an audience of potential micro-investors and working with the entire existing startup community to connect micro-investors with startup companies.

How can you help in 2 minutes every week or two?  Join our Referral Team.

Help us share the articles, blogs, and videos we put out.  It’s very simple.

Please, just do this:


Step 2 – Click the Facebook or Google buttons to join our Referral Team system with one click, or use your email address.  (If you’ve already joined, this will just log you in to the system.)

Step 3 – Click the social media buttons.  The system will automatically generate a post to share.  For this specific blog page, you’ll be sharing this page.

That’s it.  The system allows us to track how many shares are sent out, to “gamify” the whole process, and to give out prizes and kudos to our top referrers.  It also helps us learn what blogs, videos, and podcasts resonate with the community.

This will help us systematically build our audience and help the whole startup community.  Building our audience is critical to increasing local investment in our startup community.

Please help us make it happen!

Photo Credit: https://www.maxpixel.net/Office-Entrepreneur-Worker-Undertake-Computer-Man-2326419