Did you know that Kentucky is home to a fantastic new drink called Baqua?  They’re poised to grow rapidly along with the world’s passion for all things natural and healthy.

Baqua’s founder and CEO, Sandra Marlowe, was inspired by the wonder of international cultures after a family trip to England. She fell in love with Lemon Barley Water and was intrigued by this tasty “lemonade” with a hint of grains. Sandra returned home to research and discovered the rich history of ancient grain drinks. First cultivated by the Ancient Greeks, ancient grain drinks were consumed during sacred ceremonies and believed to be a source of strength and power.

Backed by studies forecasting a rapid rise in plant-based consumption patterns, Sandra and her five children developed Baqua. Sons, Daniel and Caton, formed the R&D team to test many ancient grains, settle on their favorites, and craft the delicious recipes. With a vision to disrupt the growing plant based market, the Marlowe family developed a tasty and healthy drink. Baqua delivers more balanced electrolytes than leading sports drinks and sources the body with antioxidants and prebiotics, yet includes no added sugar and artificial ingredients.

Millennials are driving a “better for you” revolution, seeking innovation and function in their food and drink choices with healthy benefits for the body. Consumers of all ages are moving away from both sugar sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks. Baqua is on trend with today’s consumers – lower sugar and clean label ingredients.

With three Registered Trademarks and a robust pipeline of products on the roadmap, Baqua is well positioned to attract a new era of wellness focused consumers. Baqua’s mission is to make healthy living tasty, refreshing, and revitalizing. With a vision of building Baqua into a globally recognized brand, Sandra has assembled a forward-thinking team to accomplish this goal.

Baqua, a Kentucky Proud Product, is sold on Amazon Prime, and is distributed throughout Kentucky by Town and Country Foods.

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