Local company SkuVault has won a lot of awards and made a lot of headlines lately.  They’re one of the local Endeavor companies, and they’re a shining example of how to go from scrappy bootstrapped startup to amazing success story.

On this episode of the Metro Startup Launcher podcast, we talk to Andy Eastes, co-founder and CEO of SkuVault.

If you’re interested in being an entrepreneur or investing in local startups, you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Here’s what you’ll learn about SkuVault:

What does SkuVault do?  Who are SkuVault’s competitors?  How do you start a company these days when there seems to be competition everywhere?

Do you have to have an earth-shattering, brilliant idea to start a company?  Why a niche mentality and a great “story” gives you an edge.

What’s Andy’s story?  Any early entrepreneurial experience?  How did he become the entrepreneur he is today?

Why are lots of small steps and partnerships important to get things started?  Why is very hands-on client interaction critical to early success?

What steps did the company take to bootstrap and get started with no funding?  How important are great partners?

What’s the long-term plan for SkuVault?

Suggestions for our startup community, including better communication between all parts of the startup community.

What’s the motto that Andy learned from an early mentor that will work for any business?