Artificial intelligence is quickly affecting more and more of our lives, like it or not.  I personally look forward to the day that lots of “bots” do all my busy work and leave me free to be much more creative.  Could AI take over the world?  Elon Musk thinks so.  But, I tend to focus more on what it will do FOR us vs. what it will do AGAINST us.  I’m a pretty optimistic guy.

Well, artificial intelligence is advancing in Louisville, and local entrepreneur John Williamson is at the forefront.  I spoke to John about his entrepreneurial journey and his latest venture, RCM Brain.

Listen to the latest Metro Startup Launcher podcast to learn:

♦ How can public speaking improve your entrepreneurial skills?

♦ Do most entrepreneurs start early?

♦ Why clearly expressing your vision and getting others excited is so important for an entrepreneur.

♦ How important is persistence in the startup world?

♦ Does a person’s childhood play a factor in entrepreneurial drive and success?

♦ What was John’s progression into starting actual companies?  Ups and downs?

♦ How did John get started with his current company, RCM Brain, and what does the company do?

♦ How is RCM Brain using artificial intelligence?

♦ What do we need to do to improve our startup community?