Did you know that the average angel investor in the United States makes a return on their investment of 27%, including losses?

How could that be?  Everyone says that people who invest in startup companies lose all their money.  Tell that to the first guys to invest in Airbnb.

OK, you may say, Airbnb is a fluke, and that only happens in Silicon Valley.  Well, how about Rubicon Global.  It was started in Louisville and just became a $1 billion valuation company!

To learn more about how we’re making it easier for normal people to invest in the fastest growing startups in the Midwest, watch our webinar above.

The recording above contains Part 1 of a two part webinar.  In this video, we discuss how micro-investing can work to accelerate our startup community and make YOU lots of money!

Part 2 of the webinar discusses how you can take advantage of the Kentucky Angel Investment Tax Credits to get 40 to 50% of your investments in startup companies back in Kentucky tax credits.

You can watch Part 2 here: