I’ve been starting and building companies for 24 years.  During that time, I’ve also participated in and studied angel and venture capital investments.  For the past year and a half, I’ve been writing Metro Startup Launcher articles and taking a deep dive into understanding angel investing and how to make it profitable.  Here’s a few important things I’ve learned:

1. The AVERAGE angel investor in the U.S. makes a 27% annual return on investments.

2. Startup companies funded by angel investors are THE most important source of jobs in our country.

3. Most angel investors in our area lose money.

4. Most angel investors in our area are not doing it right!

5. If the angel investors in our area start doing it right, we’ll produce more jobs and wealth, and they’ll make lots of money!


OK, that may upset some people around here, but it’s true.  I have repeatedly heard angel investors in our community say: “I don’t invest small amounts in multiple startups.  It’s much smarter to spend a lot of time picking one great startup, performing significant due diligence, and investing a larger amount in one startup.”  The reality is: they’re dead wrong.  The most successful angel investors invest an amount they can afford into 30 or more startups.  That’s not my opinion.  That’s a statistical fact, based on studies of angel investments.

I’ve also heard people speak disparagingly about a couple guys in town by saying: “Oh those guys are hacks.  Yeah, they’ve invested in 30 or so startups, but they only invest $10,000 or so.  Sometimes they don’t even invest; they just act as an advisor for equity.”  Guess what: those guys are doing it right!

I’ve also heard a lot of people say, “I’ve invested $25,000 in three different startups, and I lost all my money.  I won’t be doing that again.”  OK, of course you lost all your money.  You’re doing it wrong.  Statistically, one out of ten startups produces 85% of overall returns.  So, you have to invest in at least ten startups to make it worth your while.

Wow, ten startups!  That sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t have to be an unrealistic amount of investment capital.  You can safely invest small amounts that you can afford.  With Angellist, WeFunder, and many other platforms out there these days, you can invest in syndicated deals for as little as $1,000 or sometimes even $100.

So, here’s what I’ve done for our angel investor community.  I’ve done all the work for you.  I’ve read all the studies I could find and some fantastic angel investing books, and I’ve compiled them all into a simple 19-page summary for the angel investor.  Here’s a few examples of what you’ll learn:

♦ How much do successful angel investors make?  The author of one of the books I studied made 1500x returns on his first two years of angel investing!

♦ Why is angel investing is so important to our economy and why it so important to your investment portfolio?

♦ Why would successful angel investors recommend that EVERYONE invest in startups?  They suggest that smart, strategic startup investing is THE mostly likely way to make “life-changing” money!

♦ How do you select companies?  (I’ll give you a hint, it’s all about PEOPLE, not ideas, not numbers, not traction, and not location.)


So, just tell me where to send your ebook below, and I’ll email you a copy immediately!